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Our mission is to provide our employees with their dream jobs and our clients with the best employees.

ALL10 Bemanning AS is a human resources consulting agency with its head office in Stavanger and local offices in Oslo, Haugesund and Bergen.


We offer comprehensive services related to human resources in the construction and industrial sectors. We have expert knowledge and experience in recruiting and hiring electricians. We have been operating since 2015 all over Norway.

Our mission is to provide our workers with their dream jobs and our clients with the best workers. This is why we devote every day to professionally matching the competencies of our employees with the expectations of our clients.

We provide services at the highest level.


To do that, we have developed systems which control the competencies and professional experience of our employees. Moreover, we understand the needs of the Norwegian job market and the expectations of Norwegian employers, so we can choose the right candidates for particular job positions.

Our candidates not only meet all requirements, but can also adjust to the working environment so as to make a good team with the client. We know that the effectiveness of an employee is affected by the atmosphere at work and working conditions, so we cooperate with companies which value the commitment and knowledge of our staff. Our employees are employed under decent conditions which correspond to Norwegian standards.

Why is it worth trusting us?


We have many years of experience and numerous certificates which translate into an excellent knowledge of the Norwegian job market.


We have employees from the construction and industrial sectors and our specialisation is the electrical industry.


Our mission is to provide the best employees for our clients and to ensure good working conditions for our employees.


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